I just wanted to let you know I received the flute today and it is the most responsive, beautiful flute that I own. I have never been more happy with an instrument out of the box. It was in tune and plays beautifully. You have a real talent. The flute I was accustomed to playing on was modelled after Hottetterre and this one blows it out of the water with the ease of playing and tone. Also, it is very light and easy to hold. Thank you so much. .


Anacortes, WA - USA

So that Luca Ripanti, a well-known soloist, can play on an optimal traverso, he builds his own instruments as a gifted professional flute maker. His replica of a Palanca flute faithfully follows the specifications of the original, but experiments with modern materials (resin) that have their own acoustical characteristics. His demands regarding the ease of playability across all registers reflect his professional level. The acoustic properties of his instrument aim for the deployment in a professional baroque ensemble. The flute is assertive, articulates even the finest nuances, and always maintains a warm and full sound. Even if you are not a master of the traverso, you get the feeling of enhancing your music with a masterful instrument. So I am sure it will assist, to play many hours of well-tuned but mostly not well-tempered music.


Tübingen, GERMANY

Played the flute twice now, it is wonderful.
Thank you very much for this instrument.
Also your tuning instructions worked well. Now I can go for modern music on the traverso.


Bern - Switzerland

 ...le dico subito che il suono del Rottenburg mi piace molto.

Il suo Rottenburg mi piace molto anche esteticamente, mi sembra che le note siano molto ben bilanciate e calde, anche quelle alterate. Il legno ha una bella tonalita' mielata. Sono veramente contento


Alto Adige - Italy

Mi piace molto!


Toscana - Italy

I got the flutes and I love them. I really do. Your work is amazing.


Lisboa - Portugal

J'ai bien reçu la flute et j'en suis très très content. Le son est vraiment très intéressant. Un grand merci également pour la belle boîte que vous m'avez offerte.


Montreal - Canada

Your flute is doing fine and I enjoy it very much.


Denver, CO - USA

La ringrazio di cuore. È uno strumento meraviglioso.


Verbania, Italy

Lo strumento è bellissimo!! Complimenti!

Il suono è dolce e caldo, molto facile nella seconda ottava…stupendo, inoltre è davvero leggero. Mi piace tanto l'effetto un po' fiammato e sfumato del legno. .


Bologna - Italy

I used to play the recorder for many years. I started playing traverso five years ago. During these years I have been struggling with the sound, which is for me the key point for of this instrument. One month ago I purchased a Luca Ripanti Palanca Resin 415Hz with the embouchure slightly oval. Big surprise for me; suddenly sound comes easy and clear. This is what I needed at this point, to encourage myself to keep on practicing. I strongly recommend this traverso for beginners.


Huelva - Spagna